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Neolab is an analytical laboratory of food, water and environmental samples, located in Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus.
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Neolab is your trusted partner providing you with laboratory services and accurate analytical data

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Neolab Ltd is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory. Neolab was founded in 2007 aiming to provide innovative microbiological and chemical expertise offering comprehensive analytical laboratory services. Investing in people, technology, and the infrastructure of our laboratory, we have created a solid foundation of resources, experience and testing capabilities.

Using an accredited laboratory such as Neolab Ltd for your microbiological and chemical needs can assure the best possible quality as well as unequivocal results. Our services are supported by a detailed quality control system with specified policies, procedures and records. Our laboratory data complies with both international and local regulatory requirements. Challenging the local industry by creating a culture of continuous improvement, Neolab Ltd has set a high standard for both quality and ethics.

Commitment to Quality

Why Choose Us

Cost-effective laboratory services

We provide outstanding, cost-effective, yet top quality chemical and microbiological testing services

Analytical data of the highest quality

We provide services using the highest quality analytical data that are defendable, accurate and independent

Fast turnaround and High Quality Deliverables

We intend to provide our clients with fast turnaround without compromising quality or ethics


Our professional services are supported by a detailed quality control system along with well and continuous trained personnel

Safe Environment

We foster a working environment in which integrity, dedication, collaboration, and professionalism are recognized and rewarded


Led by our customer centered values, we strive to build a sustainable organization by providing efficient client services
Your trusted partner in analytical services

Quality Control

Committed to quality, Neolab Ltd is working continuously towards retaining compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 where is been accredited on specific methods since 2009.

Accuracy and performance of the analytical services provided is achieved through frequent participation in international laboratory testing schemes, scheduled instrument calibration, monitoring repeatability and reproducibility, detection and quantitation limits.

Our policy among other include:
Neolab - About Us, Quality Control

Continuous evaluation of methods performance


Continuous review of laboratory methods & improvement


Participation in laboratory checks and skills testing programs from accredited institutions


Continuous training of personnel in the use and content of the Quality System

Neolab - About Us, Quality Control

Continuous training to develop new and innovative methodologies

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