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We are continually harnessing our technical expertise to provide outstanding, cost-effective, yet top quality chemical and microbiological testing services, using the highest quality analytical data that are defendable, accurate and independent.
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Providing laboratory services with accurate and high quality analytical data

We provide chemical and microbiological analyses for food and animal feed, water (potable, ground, surface, sea water, and swimming pool), domestic and industrial waste, soil and vegetation, air quality and materials.

Neolab Ltd is continuously improving upon the quality of our chemical and microbiological laboratory services through integrity and efficiency, in partnership with clients and staff.

Air Quality Testing

Our laboratory has developed an extensive set of analytical methods that can identify...

Assessment of Environmental Noise

Assessment of environmental noise to which humans are exposed...

Determination and Assessment of Odour Concentration

We provide services for the determination of odour concentration...

Environmental Analysis

Our laboratory has developed and performs standard procedures for the analysis of...

Food Analysis

Food samples can be analyzed in order to determine whether are safe for...

Noise at Work Measurements

Our laboratory can perform noise measurements aiming for the compliance of employers...

Water Analysis

We provide an extensive application list for analyzing and determining water quality....
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